About Us

We Make Products for Astro Imaging.

We are focused on developing products for the Astronomy enthusiasts, with emphasis on astro-imaging, observation gadgets, and observatory control. Everyone on our staff has the same passion for Astronomy, and we conceive every product as users first.

Our Story

NovaLab Observatory was started by our founder, Christopher Krstanovic in 2022. After a long career spent working as an R&D executive for premiere companies in the instrumentation field, Chris started NovaLab Product Development in 2000 then an IOT parking sensor company in 2006 and more recently cofounded Sentry Systems in 2017, a company devoted to prevention of the wild fires.

Although he always had love of Astronomy, it was not until he was fortunate to be contracted to develop a sensor module for NASA’s Mars read more…

Software Solutions

Whether you are imaging or simply observing, it is hard to approach this activity without at least some assistance of software tools. Proliferation of platforms such as ASCOM, computerized telescope mounts, dedicated cameras and multitude of other devices has created complex web of applications on user’s computers.

We develop applications that integrate with the existing software to add further capabilities and enhance creative possibilities.

Hardware Solutions

Unless you are simply gazing at the sky, you will need some observational aids. We draw on many decades’ experience in advanced product development and electrical, mechanical and firmware design, to bring you new and reliable solutions that will aid you in your endeavors.

We pride ourselves on innovativeness, quality and reliability of our products.

Meet the team

Seasoned executive, entrepreneur since 1999, degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering from University of Warwick, UK.

CEO, CTO and Founder

Christopher S. Krstanovic

Business owner (Alternative Investment Staffing, LLC),  Bachelor of Science Biology, SUNY, NY

VP Marketing and Sales

Christopher T. Magill

Seasoned business manager, B.B.A Business Administration, UNAM, Mexico City, MX

President and COO

Ana B. Krstanovic