Obs Assistant…

COMING SOON: Observatory Assistant

Observatory Assistant is a helper application for observers and Astro-Photographers. It allows quick telescope position memorization and slew recall. User can see current target elevation and air mass, as well as NASA DSS image of the field for each target, or simply of what the telescope is currently pointed at. This makes it easy to identify the target.

Observatory Assistant works with ASCOM (required for operation), and optionally with Maxim DL ™. It allows for manual telescope positioning in RA/DEC or E-AZ reference frames (both J2000 or Jnow), and quick slews to Zenith, Park, Flip and 4 service positions. It also allows for quick tracking rate changes: Sidereal, Lunar, Solar and King rates (if available). It additionally provides for RA Worm Gear polish or grease spread exercise.

If Maxim DL ™ is installed, the application allows easy access to camera window, as well as graphic display of tracking performance.