Astrophotography CAD Installation

Installation of Astrophotography CAD:

How to Install the Application and the License.

Brief Introduction Video

Brief Introduction to Astrophotography CAD:

This is a brief introduction demonstrating the application’s capabilities.

In-depth Video Tutorial

In Depth Tutorial with Use Examples

This video contains an in-depth Astrophotography CAD tutorial showing its features, operation and use. It also contains five real world use examples of its use.

Limiting Magnitude of AP Systems

Limiting Magnitude of Astrophotography Systems

In this video presentation we will examine multiple factors affecting Astrophotography System sensitivity (the Limiting Magnitude), and see how much they individually contribute to degradation.

Impact of Optical Tube Aperture, OTA types, Optic’s Coatings, Camera parameters as well as the Seeing, the Sky Pollution and atmospheric Extinction variables are comprehensively examined.

Presented data has been derived from Astrophotography CAD numerical simulation engine, and covers all Stellar Classes.